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Custom system variables and dependency to task types

Oct 30, 2014 at 12:16 PM
Hi Victor,

first of all, your automator is a great tool!!

I'm currently using it to automate some stuff and I'm writing some custom tasks for this purpose. So I ran into some things that I could easily extend in my local version of your source code, but I think it would be nice if this would be part of one of the next releases. Here are some points:
  • Add custom system variables:
    This would be nice, if one could create custom system variables (additionally to e.g. Result) in a task and use this new variables in our tasks. A simple example for this feature would be to create a task to just create a system variable to define some name and this name can be reused in other tasks through the new system variable. Furthermore the current automator architecture forces the user to manually dereference his attribute values from the context and automator searches thereby for the pre-defined system variables. It would be nice if all access to the attributes would be dereferenced automatically using the pre-defined and the custom system variables.
  • Force dependency in tasks to other tasks:
    I know that the user can add dependent tasks to one task during runtime, but I mean something different here. I would like to have the opportunity (by architecture design) to define my task in code to have a dependency to another task type (not instance)! This means that when the user is using this task in his workflow and has not added the dependent an instance of the dependent task type to it, he must get an error. Imagine the following scenario for this: you write a task to modify something and this task dependents on the fact that previously another task has started something. I know that I could do that myself in the constructor of my task and check all other available tasks in the current workflow and through an exception if my desired task is not available, but I think that this would be a nice architectural aspect for the automator itself.
I don't know if you are using the codeplex issue tracker here. If yes, please let me know, then I will create the appropriate work items if you want.

Best regards,