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Project Description
Automator is a GUI tool that is intended to manage and run hierarchical structure of actions (Tasks). Something similar to NAnt but targeted for a wider audience. Automator is developed in C# and WPF.


  • Manage workflows (create, edit, delete, cut/copy/paste Tasks, add dependencies, turn Tasks on/off)
  • Basic set of Tasks bundled, will be extended eventually
  • Run workflow, run single Task, run Task with dependencies
  • Group multiple workflows into one solution
  • Store workflow in XML file or SQL Server database, save/load workflows and solutions
  • Validate workflow/solution XML files
  • Execute custom VB/C#/JScript code
  • Extensibility (allow 3rd party developers to write additional Tasks)
  • Use variables to specify common parameters for multiple Tasks (in future plans)
  • Parse .cmd/.bat files into workflows (in future plans)
  • Run workflow/solution automatically without user interaction (in future plans)


Project Details

Programming language and used technologies: C#, WPF.

System requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile.

Project Status: Alpha (needs testing and reviewing).

Uses the AvalonDock docking library,

Uses the Extended WPF Toolkit library,

Uses the great AvalonEdit text editor,

Uses the AvalonWizard control,


Resources - author's blog

The project is being developed intensively, so screenshots are probably far from final look.

Anyway, this is how the main window looks like now:

Main Window

And this is the New Task window, showing all available Tasks:

New Task Window

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